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Get Expert Apple Support for Your Business

We are expert Apple support professionals with a core focus on helping enterprise clients deploy, maintain and support their Apple hardware and software infrastructure.



We provide corporate companies with dedicated Apple support services. Whether your employees need hardware repairs or support using Apple’s software we have certified Apple technicians waiting to help.


Hardware Support

Apple Software-support

Software Support

Apple user-support

User Support

SLA Support

Engage and empower employees with our personalised Apple training programs. We’ll make sure your workforce is better equiped to use the Apple hardware and software at their disposal to work smarter and be more productive.



Knowledge truly is power. We have a broad range of Apple training solutions designed to help your employees become more proficient using Apple’s software.

Apple Device and Software Training
Beginner to Advanced Level Training
Migrating from Windows to OSX
How to Give Better Presentations
Productivity Training Tips

Imagine a business environment where emloyees or clients can drop off their devices for updates or repairs while they go in for a meeting. Our innovative Apple mobility center makes all this and more a reality.

On-Site Apple Mobility Center

We offer an innovative on-site Apple support solution known as an on-site Apple mobility center or kiosk. We setup a kiosk at your reception on pre-determined days which provides Apple support and repairs for your employees and even clients.

  • On-Site Certified Apple Support Technician

  • Updates, Repairs and Troubleshooting

  • Benefits Employees and Clients

Many Solutions. Many Benefits.

We are the preferred Apple support partner to Dimension Data and their clients.

Want to know more about how our innovative Apple solutions or the blue chip clients we work with please contact us.